Old Castle Masonic Lodge 4646 in Macclesfield in the Province of Cheshie
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The Old Castle Masonic Lodge, No 4646

To describe Freemasonry as simply as possible itís about making good men better, being 'an approach to life; a method of self-development and a path to self knowledge'.

Thereís much written about freemasonry both in print and on the internet and our links page will guide you to some reliable sources of information.

Square and Compasses. Square teaches us about morals, about how our conduct to others should be square ie beyond reproachHere at the Old Castle Masonic Lodge in Macclesfield we have men from a variety of backgrounds and always look forward to new members joining our fraternity.

We meet on the 1st Wednesday of the month, Sept to May Excl. Jan. at the Masonic Hall, Riseley St. Macclesfield and can be contacted by email:

If you want to know more Click to view 'Freemasonry - What's it all about?'

So please browse our website and other websites that give you an accurate representation of our masonic fraternity. If you think you qualify for membership and would like to apply, please get in touch.

It would be our pleasure to be able extend our friendship to welcome you into Old Castle Masonic Lodge No. 4646 in Macclesfield in the Province of Cheshire.