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The Old Castle Lodge, No 4646

Consecrated 5 November 1924

28th Feb.1924.

First meeting of the Founders held at The Macclesfield Arms Hotel. Twenty—five Founders in total, 24 of the Founders were all members of The Lodge of Unity No 267, one member ie W.Bro.W T Thompstone being a member of Eaton Lodge No 533. At this first meeting it was decided that the new Masonic Lodge be named ‘The Old Castle Lodge' - [N.B. - a reference to the Macclesfield Castle, a fortified town house built by the Dukes of Buckingham in the later Middle Ages.]
The meetings be held on the first Wednesday of each month excluding July & August. W.Bro.W T Thompstone be the first Master.

20th May 1924.

The Founders were required to submit the names of seven Founders to be shown on the Warrant which had been granted.

25th August 1924.

It was reported to the Founders that the Warrant of the Lodge was ready and could be obtained on payment of Grand Lodge & Provincial Grand Lodge fees.

9th October 1924.

The Master Designate reported that Wednesday 5th November 1924 had been fixed for the Consecration of the Lodge at Macclesfield Town Hall.

Wednesday 5th November 1924

Consecration at the Town Hall by the Consecrating Officer W.Bro.Cuthbert Leicester—Warren on behalf of Lieut-Col. Hubert Corwall Legh The R W Prov. Grand Master. Thirty Grand and Prov. Grand Officers also assisted with the Consecration. On completion of the Consecration Ceremony, W.Bro. W T THompstone was installed in the Chair of King Solomon and the remaining offices then completed. After closing all Brethren adjourned to The Macclesfield Arms Hotel for a Banquet (cost 12/6 or 62.5 new pence).

Wed 7th Jan.1925

At this Lodge Meeting the first initiate was Mr W H Barber who was initiated by W.Bro.Walter Wood and this was followed by the initiation of Mr S Bagnall by W.Bro.H S C Rees at the same Lodge Meeting. Subsequently,these two candidates became the Worshipful Master of the Lodge in 1933 &1934 respectively.

In all, there eight Initiation, four Passing and four Raising Ceremonies in the first Masonic year. The total number of Initiations up to 1974 is one hundred and seventy four. (174).

Wed. 4th Dec.1974

officers for the year 1974—75 is shown on the attached sheet. Total Lodge membership in 1974 was sixty eight (68).

Long Service.

W.Bro.A E Barwood had been Lodge Secretary for twenty—five years(1937—1962). W.Bro.W H Hyde was Lodge Treasurer also for twenty—five years (1939-1964). Following it’s consecration at the Macclesfield Town Hall,The Old Castle Lodge held it’s Regular Meetings at The Macclesfield Arms Hotel (Jordangate) until March 1930, and then for four months at The Stanley Hall, Stanley Street, Macclesfield, now The Grosvenor Shopping Centre, up to and including an ‘Emergency Meeting’ in July 1930. The meeting in September 1930 was held for the first time in The New Masonic Hall, Riseley Street, Macclesfield and the Lodge has met in this Temple since then.

The Lodge of Unity and Old Castle Registered Lodge of Instruction

Tuesday 9th September 1919

First meeting of The Practice Lodge of Unity when it was decided to hold meetings on the first and fourth Wednesdays of the month and the annual subscription to be 2s 6d (12.5 p).

In November 1924 the title of the Practice Lodge was changed to The Instruction Meeting of The Lodge of Unity No 267 and The Old Castle Lodge No 4646. Meetings were now being held on the second Friday and fourth Wednesday each month. The first Wednesday would clash with The Old Castle Lodge meetings.

21st. November 1927

A letter had been received from Provincial Grand Lodge secretary confirming that ‘The name of The Unity & Old Castle Lodge of Instruction’ has been entered on the List of Registered Lodges of Instruction and the By—Laws filed, so all requirements of The Book of Constitutions satisfied.

January 1946

Due to an increase of Lodge meetings at Riseley Street, Macclesfield, the meetings of The Lodge of Instruction were reduced to only the second Friday each month.

Friday 14th March 1984

It was noted The Old Castle No 4646 had now formed it’s own Registered Lodge of Instruction, hence the change of name to ‘The Lodge of Unity No 267 Registered Lodge of Instruction.

This record has been compiled from history of The Old Castle Lodge at the Golden Jubilee in 1974, the Lodge Declaration Books, The Lodge of Unity No 267 Bi—Centenary History and Old Castle records